Sijun Luo

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  • Yttrium-doped strontium zirconate and barium zirconate materials are the most promising candidate for proton conductor at high temperature. Direct and perpendicular integration with Pt coated substrates would open the practical prospects for application of Y:SrZrO3 and Y:BaZrO3 film-based devices. My research work is exploring the oriented growth of Y:SrZrO3 and Y:BaZrO3 films on Pt coated substrates by pulsed laser deposition and building the relationship between the proton conductivity and microstructure of the films.

  • Tulane University
    Ph.D. Physics - Pursuing

    Central South University, China
    M.S. Material Science

    Wuhan University of Technology, China
    B.S. Material Science and Engineering

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