Dr. Shiva Adireddy

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Uptown Lab

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  • Electrical Energy Storage: Formulation of polymer-ceramic (Ba1-xSrxTiO3, BaZr1-xTixO3, TiO2, ZrO2, HfO2, etc) nanocomposite inks for the fabrication of high-performance capacitive energy storage devices

    Discovering novel strategies for the thermoablation of breast cancer cells using cell-penetrating peptides as selective agents for endocytosis of magnetite nanoparticles

    Developing robust crystallization processes to produce colloidal nanocrystals with desired morphology, surface functionalization, and purity

    Investigating nanoparticles growth mechanisms, and key process parameters to control the physicochemical (composition, size, morphology, and crystal structure) properties of metal (oxide) and quantum dot nanoparticles

  • University of New Orleans (2013)
    Ph.D. Nanomaterials Chemistry

    University of New Orleans (2011)
    M.Sc. Materials Chemistry

    Osmania University, India (2007)
    M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

    Osmania University, India (2005)
    B.Sc. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

  • Email: shiva.adireddy@gmail.com