Laser Printed Cells on Vascularized Tissue

Laser direct-write of cells onto vascularized mesentery tissue: a potential model for cancer invasion and tumor-driven angiogenesis

Cytotoxicity of Breast Cancer Cells via RF Thermablation

Investigating the cytotoxicity of magnetic nanoparticles exposed to breast cancer cells in 3-D in vitro environments

Perovskite Nanocube Fabrication

Controlled fabrication of ceramic perovskites via solvothermal method.

Printed Zirconate Based Ceramics for Energy Storage Devices

Fabrication and Characterization of Printed Ni/YxSrZr(1-x)O3/Ni Energy Storage Devices

Laser Assisted Direct Write Bioprinting to Model Nueral Circuits

Direct write patterning of neurons to model functional neural circuits

Rapid Manufacturing for Dielectric Energy Storage Materials

Rapid manufacturing and characterization of dielectric energy storage materials.