Laser Printed Cells on Vascularized Tissue

Laser direct-write of cells onto vascularized mesentery tissue: a potential model for cancer invasion and tumor-driven angiogenesis


Tumor growth requires uncontrolled angiogenesis, defined as the growth of new capillaries from existing blood vessels. Developing anti-tumor therapies necessitates understanding how cancer cells and their microenvironment synergistically influence capillary sprouting from existing vascular networks. We demonstrated the deposition of breast cancer cells onto rat mesentery tissue with intact microvascular network as a xenograft culture model for tumor-driven investigating angiogenesis. Our results suggest that cancer cells infiltrate the tissue and interact with endothelial cells by Day 5. Future work will focus on the cancer cell/vascular niche and tumor-induced angiogenesis.

- Theresa Phamduy


Matthew E. Burrow, Ph.D. (Burrow Lab)
Molecular and Cellular Oncology Laboratory, Tulane Univeristy

Walter 'Lee' Murfee, Ph.D. (Murfee Lab)
Microvascular Dynamics Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tulane Univeristy