So where to start? Last spring semester I began to work in the Chrisey lab, learning about synthesizing ABO3 nanocrystals by the solvothermal method, trying to keeping a clean lab space, and most importantly, finding out the importance of wearing closed toed shoes in the lab. This summer I’ve been continuing on with the same project, keeping the pressure vessels and oven used in the experiments in operation almost 24/7.

While spring semester was a ton of juggling between lab, classes, and being a freshman with serious FOMO, working full time in the lab has given me a chance to learn so much more. When it comes to the synthesis of the nanoparticles, I have managed to become close to completely independent from the beginning to end. Well, independent except for when it comes to opening the lid of the pressure vessels, but that is more of an issue of needing to join a gym than of science.

So one month of summer down, a little less than two more to go. As opposed to taking a whole morning to get my perovskite powders mixed and my synthesis reaction going in the oven, this can all be done in under an hour now. So how do I fill the rest of my day? I’ve been learning everything inkjet printer related. Using my ceramic nanoparticles, I’m making inks, then printing, printing, and printing. Hopefully by the end of the next month this will become a procedure that I’ll be as comfortable with as the solvothermal procedure.

Overall, this summer thus far has been a huge learning process